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The best student life

Drinks, dinner, movie night or gala. It’s better with AEGEE-Utrecht! AEGEEans are open, friendly and active students. With over 350 members, there’s always something to do. Nothing is mandatory, which means we don’t have an initiation or other bad things. Every student is very welcome. Feel free to drop by at the weekly drinks. We guarantee you a wonderful night, whether you decide to sign up as a member or not.

Everything about 'gezelligheid' and social life


Borderless travelling

AEGEE locals are located in student cities all across Europe. Every week is filled with amazing events and trips with students from the entire continent. The perfect opportunity to make new friends who can show you all the things that are hidden for tourists. Learn from each other’s culture and party till sunrise. Everything remains affordable for the poor student. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? With AEGEE, nothing is impossible!

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Building your future

Learn to work in teams, to organize and to be a leader in a dynamic and international team. In a world that is becoming increasingly international, such experience is essential. It also looks great on your resume: that international event you organized or your contribution to a big European project. Challenge yourself! Want to start small? AEGEE-Utrecht also has many committees on a local level which can teach you a lot! After all, your personal development is just as important as your studies.

Everything about self development