The most beautiful time of student life in Utrecht

Drinks, dinner, movie night or gala. It’s better with AEGEE-Utrecht! AEGEEans are open, friendly and active students. With over 350 members, there’s always something to do. Nothing is mandatory, which means we don’t have an initiation or other bad things. Every student is very welcome. Feel free to drop by at the weekly drinks. We guarantee you a wonderful night, whether you decide to sign up as a member or not.


The real AEGEEan is curious, enthusiastic, open, active: a real traveler. But, if we’re at home in Utrecht, our beloved city, we meet to have a drink together, to dance and to share stories about our adventures. Every Wednesday night, AEGEE-Utrecht comes together to enjoy the weekly drinks, often into the early hours, and very often with a theme behind the drinks. For those who are new in Utrecht, it is the perfect chance to meet new people. For the members, it is the perfect chance to catch up with friends. One thing is clear: it’s always fun for everyone who attends. You are welcome throughout the whole year to visit our weekly drinks at “De Oude Buis”, Vondellaan 1c on Wednesday after 21:00 (9:00pm), even if you are not a member yet.

Beside having drinks at “De Oude Buis”, we also love to visit other locals to join their weekly drinks!

Endless possibilities

Everyone fits in with AEGEE. During the introduction camp, families will form, consisting of first-years with mentors, and from that moment on, you are free to do whatever you want. Do you want to join a committee, a club or a taskforce, or do you have a great idea and want to set up something yourself? Maybe you will even get invited for one of our ‘disputen’ (some sort of fraternity/sorority)? You can do all of it at the same time, or not. Whatever you like to do, AEGEE-Utrecht offers everyone a chance to be themselves and to participate in the things you like. Because your study may take up a lot of time, or sometimes not at all, you are the one who determines how active you become in the organization.


Being active

The possibilities of AEGEE are endless, and the same counts for AEGEE-Utrecht. Every week, there are at least a few things you can participate in when you have the time and are in the mood to do so. A lecture or a pub crawl, cultural or sporty. The members of AEGEE organize the most special and original things for each other, but always with the cozy and happy feeling of AEGEE. If you want to, you can meet with AEGEE every day, or you can only do so when you have had enough of your study for a moment. One thing is for sure: you never have to be bored in Utrecht again.