Would you like to get even more out of your time with AEGEE? Maybe a club would be a nice addition! Clubs have less responsibilities than fraternities. They could best be described as a group of friends or people that get excited about the same kind of activity. Find all existing clubs here.


Honorary board members club

Why should you become a board member of AEGEE-Utrecht? Because you love AEGEE? Because you believe in it? Of course not. Just because you’ve always wanted a place in the notorious club: The club for honorary members of the board of AEGEE-Utrecht.



Every other month, the QuizQlub lures AEGEE’s beer drinking smart asses to the boat to face each other in the battle for eternal fame (and a secret prize). What is the most asked for book in the library of Guantanamo Bay? According to the Greek, what were diamonds really? What is the tv series most frequently watched internationally ever, with viewers from 142 different countries? Just a couple of questions to prepare you for the battle of the QuizQlub. You in?


Chicks and the Dicks

It all started with toilet selfies. Then a group snapchat was made to share them. Phil was the only guy in this company, so the name Chicks and a Dick had arisen. Many Netflix nights, park chillings and a lot of stories passed the revue. And not to forget: they were unbeatable at quiz night. The bond became stronger and stronger. René was introduced and grew with this bond. After a drunken King's Night he was officially accepted into the group and Chicks and a Dick, became Chicks and the Dicks. Our friendship is strange, but really fun and definitely one for life.


Former LiftCie

After organizing three hitch hiker competitions, the end of LiftCie 2016/2017 was near. Fortunately, the skeer (just look it up) ladies and gents of this group haven’t spoken their last words yet.


The Champagne Society

This society obviously loves champagne. At festive occasions we pop bottles in style. Therefore you can always recognize us because of our red ties with logo. This clothing however is also being worn at other occasions. We regularly have meals together, have New Year’s drinks and attend other activities together. Feel free to talk to us.


Europe club

We present you: The Europe Club!

As the name suggests we share our interest in Europe, we promote it and inform you about it. We use many different ways to make people familiar with Europe and all it has to offer: online, at socal drinks, with activities, with some Europe board support and everything else you can imagine. Everything is possible!


The A.B.C. Club (book club)

The A.B.C., the club of AEGEE-Utrecht that shares their interest in books. Every 1-2 months we read a book and enjoy an evening of discussing it. After such an evening, we send our reviews to the MondayMail!


The ‘WaterIJsjes’ (Water Ice Lollies)


The WaterIJsjes, what in the hack are those? Well, the board sports club of AEGEE-Utrecht! We are a fun group of people that share our passion for board sports, even though we’re not all that good at them. We like to talk about board sports such as surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and kite surfing and are not afraid to face new challenges! For instance: we loooove to smack down while learning how to wakeboard or taste the salt water catching our first waves surfing. Or eat snow everytime we snowboard. Besides this, we try to plan an activity that relates to board sports every now and then.