Code of Conduct

AEGEE-Utrecht strives to form a safe environment, and has therefore drawn up a code of conduct to record the applicable standards, values ​​and procedures.

AN extra reason for this was that the VIDIUS student union issued the “Declaration of Intent for Student Welfare” in 2021 (Dutch). This contained various spearheads, including the fact that each signatory (including AEGEE-Utrecht) must draw up a code of conduct in which it is made explicit that undesirable behavior is not accepted. Policy of AEGEE-Europe (SMASH - Structural Measures Against Sexual Harassment) also emphasizes this. That is why the Code of Conduct Working Group was formed in 2021, which, in consultation with the members, has mapped out these standards of conduct. The current version of the code of conduct was adopted by the general members' meeting on 7 June 2022.

This code of conduct applies to (alumni) members and non-members (e.g. members of other AEGEE locals or associations who are guests of AEGEE-Utrecht) who attend activities of or related to AEGEE-Utrecht, both in physical or online form . The code of conduct therefore applies to the entire association, including fraternities and committees and their activities (whether private or not).