Within the AEGEE network, many different kinds of activities are organized. The possibilities are endless: in summer or winter, focused on a specific topic or for fun. Do you want to know which events are upcoming? Check out the European Calendar. European Calendar.

Summer University

Summer University (SU) might well be the most popular project of AEGEE. During the summer break, SUs are organized across Europe. It is like a holiday, arranged by the local AEGEEans of the city you will be visiting. This way you can discover spots that remain hidden for tourists and you learn more about the country and its culture. With between 20 and 40 participants from different AEGEEs, you will have the summer of your life! There are often more than 70 different SUs to choose from, all with different themes such as culture, language, sports and environment. 



The Agora is the semi-annual general assembly of AEGEE-Europe. For four days, between 500 and 1000 AEGEEans from all over Europe meet to discuss current affairs within the association, as well as to make plans for the future. This is also the moment in which European representatives are elected, and European teams give an update on their projects. At night, it is time to forget about all the serious business and to build a huge party together with your new friends. It is the ideal event to get to know AEGEE and many of its members.

European Planning Meeting

During the European Planning Meeting (EPM), around 300 AEGEEans discuss the future of our association. During this event, the new Action Agenda (AEGEE-Europe’s policy plan) is collaboratively written. There is also time for workshops, discussions and presentations to draw attention to a current issue. Previous topics have been: “Russia and Europe” and the refugee crisis, for example. During the night, again, we love to let go of the serious part for a while and build a party.

Network Meeting

A network meeting is an event that is organized in collaboration with the Network Commission. They are organized in spring and in fall in different cities in Europe. During the meeting, 20 to 50 members exchange their experiences and there are workshops provided on a range of topics: project management, fundraising, etc. There is also space for discussion and locals can talk about opportunities for cooperation. These events are very approachable since they are only one weekend, which is ideal if it is your first event with AEGEE and you would like to get to know a lot of people.

European School

Non-formal education is important within AEGEE-Europe. That’s why we organize trainings throughout our network to teach our members skills and to help them to develop themselves. Most events are organized in collaboration with the AEGEE Academy and/or projects or committees. These trainings are called European Schools and can cover different topics such as project management, fundraising, giving trainings, public relations, etc. The European Schools are taught by experienced trainers and usually cover about a week.

New Year's Event

Each country has its own traditions when it comes to celebrating New Year’s. That is why New Year’s Events are organized throughout the entire network. Would you like to celebrate New Year’s abroad? Eat something else than Dutch 'oliebollen'? This a great opportunity to get to know other country’s traditions.


For big events like the Agora and the EPM, a pre-event is often hosted. These are shorter events (between 2 and 5 days) that are held near the location of the Agora or EPM. These are great for meeting some new people prior to the event and exploring the country.

And many more...

The events mentioned above are just examples of what is organized within AEGEE’s network. But there is much more to experience! Are you curious to see what is scheduled soon? Check out the European Calendar.