Do you want to get more out of your AEGEE experience? Then a ‘dispuut’ might be something for you! A ‘dispuut’ is a close and private group of friends consisting of members from multiple years, so a sort of sorority/fraternity. To join one, you must be invited. ‘Disputen’ have their own board and organise their own activities, but also some activities for AEGEE-Utrecht! All ‘disputen’ are listed below.


With the girls from the girls ‘dispuut’ Gusto, it’s always summer and always a party! That’s because we’re a group of friends with a warm Spanish touch. All our girls are incredibly different and this diversity each time brings much adventure, craziness and fun along. Want to read more?


Men’s ‘dispuut’ A.U.R.U.M. stands for the golden combination between cultivating and consuming. It believes that every cuisine is underlined with a story. A story that needs to be discovered, acknowledged and devoured. Want to read more?


Hespera is the apple of AEGEEs eyes. Our goal is to actively contribute to AEGEE-Utrecht by for instance, organising survival trips to Carcassone or by loudly singing Wonderwall on the boat. We are a fun-loving and intimate group of friends who push their boundaries together in Europe and Utrecht. Want to read more?


‘Dispuut’ Pangea only knows one single goal: Concordia, solidarity!

Nothing is too crazy for Pangea. We like to pull all the stops at the social drinks, always strive for escalation and sometimes like to enjoy a relaxing movie night.

Oh and by the way, our spirit animal is a Vlamingo! Want to read more?