Building your future


Learn to work in teams, to organize and to be a leader in a dynamic and international team. In a world that is becoming increasingly international, such experience is essential. It also looks great on your resume: that international event you organized or your contribution to a big European project. Challenge yourself! Want to start small? AEGEE-Utrecht also has many committees on a local level which can teach you a lot! After all, your personal development is just as important as your studies.

Learn from each other in Utrecht

There’s a lot to learn at AEGEE-Utrecht. Collaborating, making budgets, leading meetings, working out scenarios, negotiating with sponsors and creating the most original activities. Within AEGEE-Utrecht we combine members from different years into committees, which makes it easy to learn from each other and get to know each other better in a fun way.

Learn from each other in Europe!

At an European level there is a gigantic organizational structure in which you can become active. There are Commissions, Committees, European projects and Working Groups which are always looking for passionate members that would like to contribute.

Cultural Exchange

One of the most important goals of AEGEE is cultural exchange. This seems an abstract term, but the more European friends you make, the more you will realize that you are transcending your prejudices while your understanding and appreciation for others grows. A very valuable experience!