A committee, often abbreviated in Dutch with ‘cie’, is a group of enthusiastic AEGEE-members that organise events or activities. There are also some that have a more supporting function. Being part of a committee is a fun way to make (even more) new friends within the association. Plus, you can also put it on your resume!



A committee that can organise whatever they want, as long as it’s entertaining. Isn’t that just music to your ears? Are we going to participate in the famous ‘Batavierenrace’? Maybe organise a benefit concert to raise money for a charity? Or do you want to just do something completely different? It’s all possible and the AcCie is in charge.


These stars provide your weekly beers at the social drink. This a continuous committee, therefore making it a close, companionable and relatively large group of people. Not only do these stars pour beers, they also organise themed social drinks and the biggest party of the year: Kingsnight!



A committee which focuses on making the association more sustainable on several fronts. Do you have a great idea on how we can make the association more environmentally friendly? Then come over and think along!


The FoodCie is the most delicious committee of AEGEE-Utrecht! Every month they organise a delightful three course dinner for a small price. With dishes coming from all over the world, it’s always a surprise what the FoodCie will serve.


As an association, you must have a gala and of course AEGEE-Utrecht has one as well. The GalaCie does its utmost to find the most beautiful location and to create a blasting party. This year the gala was organised together with AEGEE-Amsterdam!



This committee carries the same name as AEGEE’s own magazine. Unleash your creativity in the ‘Grenzeloos’. Are you the one telling the most amazing stories, the funniest jokes and the most juicy gossip? Or are you the ultimate designer we’re looking for? Become a new member of the editorial office now!


Do you want to be responsible for the most memorable events of an AEGEE-member? Come join the IntroCie and organise the introduction camp from A to Z. Only the location is fixed, everything else is up to you.


AEGEE-Utrecht has its birthday in May and we celebrate this in one weekend by going on vacation with all our members. The ‘ledenweekend’ is a weekend of relaxation with your fellow association members. Just some time to forget about all responsibilities and to detox from the stress that studying brings along, just like last year in Ameland.



In the middle of the year, we always get lots of new members who we’d love to welcome with open arms, just as we do for you now. That’s why the LentroCie organises an introduction week in spring for all our fresh members who joined AEGEE later in the year.


The LiftCie organises multiple weekends per year during which participants must hitchhike to a secret foreign location. Often this is done in collaboration with the AEGEE-local of the city. In this city, an entertaining programme is put together that introduces the members to the city, each other and of course the night life! Cheap, environmentally friendly and fun!


The Dutch new years dive, eating ‘oliebollen’, setting off or watching fireworks, counting down… Doesn’t this just make you enthusiastic and would you like to share this experience with other AEGEE-member from all over Europe? Then the NYEcie might be exactly the committee you’re looking for!



This year, the PromoCie will take care of spectacular videos of big events! Besides that, there’s also the possibility that this committee will help promote certain activities which are organised by other committees. Moreover, this committee will be responsible for the promotion of AEGEE-Utrecht at the Open Days at the HU and the UU. Finally, the PromoCie might design original merchandise, such as AEGEE socks (!!!) or other fun merch.


At AEGEE-Utrecht, it is in our nature to travel. Besides the LiftCie, there’s also the ReisCie. This committee will organise two big trips, the SurpReis (a travel that has a destination which is revealed just before departure) and a complete own idea of the committee. Are you a hardcore skyscanner and a expert? Then your skills would come in very handy in this committee!


Skiing holiday? Yes! Après-ski? Yes! Cheap? Absolutely! The SkiCie has organised its first AEGEE-Utrecht skiing holiday in 2019 and has organised it this year in collaboration with AEGEE-Delft. Do you want to help with organising next year's holiday? Then this committee is right up your alley.


The ‘UIT’ is the event to put AEGEE-Utrecht in the spotlights and to show all adorable first years how fun we are. Do you have creative ideas on how to do this? From slush puppies to rodeo bulls and a bouncy castle, nothing is too crazy to help let everyone know about AEGEE-Utrecht and to win new awesome members for



Every year introduction weeks are organised for new members to introduce them to AEGEE, 'disputen'(some sort of fraternity/sorority), current AEGEE members and Europe. Do you think you can handle the happy hectic of organising and coordinating fun activities for three weeks? Then this committee is cut out for you!


Our digital angels! They maintain the AEGEE-Utrecht website and make sure that all computer-related issues are all sorted out. In addition, we have had a new website for a few weeks! This website could use a new look, so if you would like to give the new website a pretty design, you would also fit in perfectly within the WebCie committee. Can you do web-programming, would you like to learn it or would you like to give the new website a new beautiful look? Then you will surely fit in!