Borderless travelling

AEGEE locals are located in student cities all across Europe. Every week is filled with amazing events and trips with students from the entire continent. The perfect opportunity to make new friends who can show you all the things that are hidden for tourists. Learn from each other’s culture and party till sunrise. Everything remains affordable for the poor student. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? With AEGEE, nothing is impossible!

Where do you want to go?

There is an AEGEE local in almost every student city in Europe. Do you want to go to Moscow? Rome? Barcelona? With AEGEE-Utrecht, there are opportunities to go abroad about 4 or 5 times a year to join AEGEEans from across Europe. Those trips are completely organized, cheap and unique. There’s no better way to see the hidden treasures of Europe than with AEGEE.

Meet people from all over Europe!


The people you meet on a trip are the ones you will get to know very well in a short time. Living adventures makes for building strong bonds. Other cultures can also teach you a lot: it can make you reconsider certain prejudices and you can hear the real stories from the other side of the continent. Maybe you’ll be the next one making friends for life while travelling Europe. Maybe you’ll even find true love? Either way, you will return with the best stories.

What will you do?

With so many events organized, there is always something that will appeal to you. Do you like sports? Then you could go on a 10-day summer camp and test your limits in Turkey. Or do you want to improve the world? Try going to Prague and determine what AEGEE’s opinion will be in Brussels. AEGEE organizes big projects via which we work on the future of Europe. For example, to inform people about the European elections, or to draw attention to recent issues. You can join these initiatives in an international team.